Welcome to the

Welcome to the Hack-IT-Chen

To Add your own text to this app please follow the instrucitons below: There is an example file for the structure of the recipes located in the folder: `source/recipes/example-recipe.html.erb.` The only thing that needs to be edited is the Frontmatter thats the bit between the two sets of ( `---` ). Something to consider with the images is they need be to a maximum of 400px X 400px; as this will help keep the layout on the page consistent. The Images need to be saved in `source/images/FOO.jpg` replace 'FOO' with the name of the food. If you found the recipe online, please provide a link to the original recipe. Note If you dont know how to code no problem you can submit a recipe to the forum located here and one of the Hackspace Team will enter it on the app.